Harry Bray

Mathematical Sciences Department
George Mason University
hbray [at] gmu [dot] edu


Letters of recommendation

If you are asking me for a letter of recommendation, please do the following:

Undergraduate research

Undergraduate research projects I've led include:


I am not a formal advisor of these students, but I enjoyed talking with Mitul Islam, Samantha Pinella, and Feng Zhu during the overlap of their time as graduate students and my time as a postdoc at the University of Michigan.

The Lab of Geometry at Michigan

I was the director of the Lab of Geometry at Michigan - LoG(M) from summer 2017 to spring 2020.

LoG(M) is an undergraduate math research program. It is part of the Geometry Labs United network. The lab runs 3-4 projects per semester with emphasis on computation and visualization as media for engaging undergraduates in modern mathematical research. Each project is led by 1-2 faculty supervisors with assistance from 1-2 graduate student mentors, and 3-4 undergraduate researchers.

My role as director of LoG(M) included the following: