Harry Bray

Mathematical Sciences Department
George Mason University
hbray [at] gmu [dot] edu


My research interests are in geometry, topology, and dynamical systems. More specifically, I am interested in geodesic flows, geometric structures on manifolds, Hilbert geometries, convex projective structures, Patterson-Sullivan theory, ergodic theory, thermodynamic formalism, symbolic dynamics, (nonuniformly) hyperbolic dynamical systems, and (rel) hyperbolic spaces and groups.

I have also studied the Thurston set and Thurston Master Teapot. Check out my collaborator Giulio Tiozzo's visualizations of the Master Teapot.

Here are pictures of objects I've studied, made by my students: [Thurston's master teapot] [the Thurston set] [deformations of convex projective triangle groups] [Benoist 3-manifold]

Preprints and Papers