Harry Bray

Mathematical Sciences Department
George Mason University
hbray [at] gmu [dot] edu


My research interests are in geometry, topology, and dynamical systems. More specifically, I am interested in geodesic flows, geometric structures on manifolds, Hilbert geometries, convex projective structures, Patterson-Sullivan theory, ergodic theory, thermodynamic formalism, symbolic dynamics, (nonuniformly) hyperbolic dynamical systems, and (rel) hyperbolic spaces and groups.

I have also studied the Thurston set and Thurston Master Teapot. Check out my collaborator Giulio Tiozzo's visualizations of the Master Teapot. Here is a Quanta article on the Thurston set and related topics.

Here are pictures of objects I've studied, made by my students: [Thurston's master teapot] [the Thurston set] [deformations of convex projective triangle groups] [Benoist 3-manifold]

Preprints and Papers